Our Quartets

Barbershop harmony can be experienced as a entire chorus, or in smaller groups of four - quartets!  Members are encouraged to form quartets, as regular quartetting helps to improve the skill levels of individual chorus singers.  Quartetting is a challenging, immensely rewarding experience.  Meet the quartets from the Women of Note Chorus!



Sunsation Contest 2017Sunsation Quartet


Tenor:  Cindy Moeller
Lead:  Gail Katz
Bari:  Debbie Caputo
Bass:  Dixie Challinor

For more information about Sunsation Quartet, contact Cindy at 561.603.4414



Unplugged Quartet 2018Unplugged Quartet

Tenor: Shoshana Davidowitz

Lead: Cheryl Phillips-Anderson
Bari: Marcy Wiseman
Bass: Nancy Saunders







For more information about Unplugged, contact Cheryl at ckpa@comcast.net or 561.351.7856.

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